CFI investigators to present among global leaders in nursing informatics

Caring Futures Institute researchers will attend the International Nursing Informatics Congress, N12021, in August to share the latest developments and trends in digital health.

The virtual event from 23 August – 2 September is the official conference of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) nursing informatics special interest group.

In Australia, NI 2021 is offered by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH).

Post Doctoral Research Fellow Dr Maria Alejandra Pinero de Plaza will be part of the global showcase where she will present a paper developed in collaboration with Caring Futures Institute researchers Dr Tiffany Conroy and Ms Alexandra Mudd, as well as the Institute’s Foundational Director Prof Alison Kitson. Their work introduces a new way of identifying the invisible forces behind fundamental care.

“Today we recognise that the world is more and more interconnected and that our health system is highly complex,” Dr Pinero de Plaza says.

“However, most healthcare researchers still think that they can understand and intervene in the health system by investigating or changing a few situations or factors rather than the accumulated actions and effects of many components interacting in simultaneous ways.

“With our approach we demonstrate a more comprehensive way to measure and optimise healthcare decision-making, planning, and its quality improvement.”

This research will be published in a fully open access IOS Press series e-book: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics and indexed in PubMed.

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