Teaching Awards: a time to reflect

In times of challenge and change, we often neglect activities which bring us benefit. Personal and professional development are put on hold as we focus our energies on surviving the onslaught. For those engaged on the frontline of teaching, the start of an academic year is a time with little space to think. Yet it is this moment – this crash of time and activity – when setting aside time to breathe can be most beneficial. Pausing to reflect on what you do, how you do it, and what works best can help replenish lost energy and rebuild momentum. It serves as a reminder: this is why I teach. A quiet clearing can be delineated, and used to gather these reflections, and a handy impetus for this comes in the form of Teaching Award applications. The iterative process of drafting and redrafting a Teaching Award application helps to hone and sharpen your focus, clarify your motivations, and capture your successes. It legitimises sincere self reflection, lessening the tarnish of egotism which for many is a deterrent to professional introspection. Teaching Award applications demand that you tell your story, and share with others why and how you do what you do, and what makes it effective.


There are some awards open now for application, with others to follow later in the year. It is never too late to start telling your teaching story, so contact Anna Smith today to discuss how to take the first step, and visit the Awards and Grants website for information on what is available.

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