What’s new in FLO

FLO was updated with a number of fixes and new features on 18 May 2018. These changes included:

  • Kaltura: updated the Kaltura plugin, and fixed an issue that caused the Media Vault link not to display in some circumstances
  • Turnitin Drafts: addressed a user interface glitch in the submission process
  • Turnitin Drafts: prevent a grade item being created in topic gradebooks
  • Enhanced Self and Peer Assessment: fixed the accumulation algorithm setting changing after the activity is duplicated or restored from backup
  • My FLO: in some circumstances, multiple due dates were being shown in the My FLO overlay
  • Assignments: fixed an issue with the Annotate PDF popup not always working correctly
  • Atto text editor: cleaned up some of the buttons in the default rich text editor to make uploading videos easier
  • Many more minor bug fixes.

The next FLO update is scheduled for 8 June. This is a small update that will include mostly bug fixes from Blackboard and Moodle HQ. You can check out the list of changes on the What’s New in FLO page, accessible from the eLearning Gateway.

Zoe Bogner
FLO Coordinator
Online Learning Systems,
Digital Student and Teaching Services, IDS

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