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Each month we will share some of our timely frequently asked questions around educational technology.


Q. I am teaching next semester but my FLO site is blank. How do I rollover my content from last semester?

If you are listed as a topic coordinator for a topic availability in Student Two you should have received an email for topic rollover from your eLearning support team. Please click on the link in the email and fill in the form so that your eLearning support team can process your rollover request for NS2 and S2. If you have not received an email for topic rollover but require your content rolled over, please contact your eLearning support team.

Q. My topic has rolled over but it has last semester’s dates for the assessment activities. How do I update my assignment due dates?

The due dates for assignments and other FLO activities need updating each semester. You can change dates one at a time though the activity’s settings. Alternatively, you can change all the dates for all the activities in your topic on a single page. To do this, go to the ‘Administration’ drop-down menu, choose ‘Reports’ then ‘Dates’.

 Q. How do I set up my FLO gradebook?

FLO has an inbuilt gradebook linked to assessment activities. The gradebook can calculate the topic total and a gradesheet can be exported to Excel to send to Student Two. Ideally, the gradebook should be set up at the start of the semester and checked at the end of semester. To check that the gradebook is calculating correctly, it is good practice to manually calculate a student’s grade. If you require help with your gradebook, please see the help documentation on the eLearning Gateway or contact your local eLearning support team.

Marcia Schubert

eLearning & Media Support Officer – CILT

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