The Educational Quality Framework Project

Strengthening our Educational Quality at Flinders

Flinders University is currently focused on developing a strengthened Educational Quality Framework, to be implemented before the end of the year. To support this process, an Educational Quality Steering Group has been established, and has been meeting fortnightly since early June.

The Steering Group has confirmed the scope of the project, and identified the primary objectives to be achieved through an agreed set of deliverables. When met, these objectives will have multiple benefits for students, and for a broad range of staff across the University. We are pleased to be able to share these objectives with you:

  1. An Educational Quality Framework that will connect all policies and procedures aligned with Educational Quality at Flinders
  2. Clear and well-documented models and processes for the development, amendment and approval of courses and topics, underpinned by the intentions of a revised and strengthened Courses Policy
  3. Clear policy and procedural documents to support best-practice management of the University’s Course Reviews, and activities aligned with continuous monitoring and improvement
  4. Clear policy and procedural documents to support a strong management framework for the University’s quality assurance and improvement in its teaching practices and course delivery
  5. A set of recommended quality measures to support areas of key accountability, as well as measures to support continuous improvement
  6. A set of additional recommendations for future work on policies, processes and systems that will best support the Educational Quality Framework at Flinders

We look forward to consulting and communicating with you throughout the project. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Lorraine Karunaratne, Associate Director: Educational Quality, if you would like to know more. Lorraine can be contacted on 13828 or at

Contributed by Lorraine Karunaratne
Associate Director, Educational Quality

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