Readings headache? Did you know the Library can help?

Did you know that the Library offers a reading list service to ease your workload when setting up your FLO topics.

Best practice:

Using the Library’s Readings list is the easiest and most straightforward way to ensure compliance with all licences. If you have moved to the new system, Leganto, you can create your list using the link in the FLO site. Alternatively, you can send the list as a document to the Library’s Learning Access team (, and the team can create the list for you.

The Library can:

  • Source appropriately licensed resources to ensure compliance
  • Ensure access to resources for students accessing content off-campus
  • Manage links, fix broken links, and migrate links with platform and authentication changes
  • Seek permission to use resources where necessary
  • Ensure there are physical versions of the resource available in the 2-hour loan or the off-campus collection if needed

What’s in it for you?

  • Ensures a consistent experience for students
  • Better analytics for your reading lists
  • Linking to articles in databases provides better bibliometrics for authors

Top tips:

  • Avoid uploading documents and videos directly to FLO sites. Communicating material (making material available online) is a copyright activity
  • Link where possible. Linking is not a copyright activity
  • Ensure you do not link to infringing material

Contributed by Loretta Schelbach Khanna, Copyright Librarian

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