The Educational Quality Framework Project

Strengthening our Educational Quality at Flinders

The Educational Quality Framework Project is progressing well, with the steering group working hard towards major milestones and the delivery of an Educational Quality Framework before the end of the year.

Status of work on the Educational Quality Framework Project:

  • A draft Educational Quality Framework is under development to connect policies, procedures and resources that support Educational Quality at Flinders.
  • Work is currently underway to strengthen and clarify key areas of the University’s policies and procedures that support course development, approval and review, and promote excellence in teaching.
  • Additional quality indicators are being identified and developed to provide a more effective evidence-base upon which to continuously improve the University’s curriculum and teaching.

The draft Educational Quality Framework will be considered by the Senior Executive Team, followed by targeted consultation with key stakeholders including the Education Quality Committee.

Please do not hesitate to contact Lorraine Karunaratne, Associate Director: Educational Quality, if you would like to know more. Lorraine can be contacted on 13828 or at

Contributed by Lorraine Karunaratne
Associate Director, Educational Quality – CILT

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