College-dedicated Careers staff

The Careers and Employability Service has Career Development Advisors located in each college at various times across the week. The consultants focus on ensuring they have the most up-to-date college-specific industry knowledge, career prospects and job search techniques to share with both students and staff. Consultants are regularly delivering content within topics, contributing to course-specific learning materials, and supporting staff in ensuring our graduates are career ready, across all years of the study program.

We are here to collaborate on innovative ways to deliver engaging, employability and career development learning initiatives within teaching programs.

Your college Career Development Advisor, or Business Partner, are available to talk or meet up and discuss how we can best assist.

As a start, meet your college Career Development Advisor:

College Contact Location Days
(times vary, please check with your Career Advisor)
Business, Government & Law

Barbara Doherty

Room 260, SSS Mondays


Education, Psychology & Social Work

Rianna Lopez

Room 2.39, L&C Mondays
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Barbara Doherty

Room 260, SSS Mondays


Medicine & Public Health

Margaret (Meg) Alexander

Medical Library Tuesdays
Nursing & Health Sciences

Margaret (Meg) Alexander

Room N109
(blue meeting room)


Science & Engineering

Rianna Lopez

Room 1304 PYSC

Room 1.35 TON

Tuesdays (Physical Sciences)

Thursdays (Tonsley)

Contributed by Verity Kingsmill
Manager – Careers and Employability Service

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