Did you know?

Staff seeking support with FLO can now use Service One to submit a request. Take a look to see if submitting your request via Service One could be helpful next time you need assistance with FLO.

The Grades link has moved
Did you know that the link to Grades has moved from the Administration menu to the Navigation menu?

Set a ‘grade’ reminder
There is a new feature in FLO that allows you to set a reminder to grade by a certain date. You can set the reminder in the assignment settings. FLO will then place a reminder in your FLO calendar.

Discussion forum locking
Did you know that you can now lock discussion forums after a period of inactivity?

Make ‘choice’ selection on behalf of students
As a teacher you can now make a selection on behalf of students in the Choice activity.

Quiz enhancements
FLO now allows multiple answers in ‘Cloze’ question types. In addition, you can now delete multiple quiz questions simultaneously.

Contributed by Michelle Nettleton
FLO Support Officer – IDS

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