Did you know?

Activity completion – in bulk
Have you ever used activity completion? You can now edit activity completion settings across multiple activities at once.

Online marking – collapsible comments
Did you know that you can now collapse comments when marking online in FLO? This can help remove clutter from the assignment when marking and improves readability.

Have you ever used the database tool?
Using a database in your topic is a way to allow students to create content (‘entries’) and interact with others (collaborate). Did you know that you can now require students to add entries to databases as learning activities prior to progressing in your topic? You can also add start and end dates to database activities, which will also appear in the calendar.

Choice tool dates now appear in the calendar
You can now set deadlines in the Choice tool, which will also appear in the topic calendar. This allows you to set open and close dates for the activity.

Lesson tool
Did you know that you can now duplicate pages in the lesson activity?

Contributed by Michelle Nettleton
FLO Support Officer – IDS

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