FLO topic ‘rollover’ – changes in 2019

The FLO topic ‘rollover’ describes the process, traditionally undertaken by eLearning teams, to copy your FLO topic from one teaching period to the next. Topic rollover is part of a broader ‘production cycle’ of activities aimed at getting a topic ready for teaching. The timings associated with the production cycle are documented in the eLearning Gateway.

Over the years, there’s been a lot of work happening in the background to streamline the rollover process for teaching staff and to improve the student experience.

The most significant change that you will see during the 2019 rollover is that if you are happy with the same rollover as was performed in 2018, there is nothing more for you to do. Your topic will be rolled as it was last time. Of course, if you would like something different you just need to let us know.

We hope the changes have a positive effect. We’d like to hear any feedback you have and listen to any suggestions you have for improving the process.

In the final email sent to topic coordinators, confirming that all rollover work has been completed, there will be a link to a quick two-question survey. We invite you to take the opportunity to complete the survey so that we can continue to refine the rollover process and realise benefits for staff and students.

Contributed by David Bain
eLearning Project Manager – CILT

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