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Each month we will share some of our timely frequently asked questions around educational technology.

Q: Can I display a letter grade instead of a number grade?
To display a grade item in your gradebook as a letter grade, first go to ‘Gradebook setup’ (Administration menu > Gradebook setup). In the list of grade items, locate the item that you want to change. Click on the ‘Edit’ link in the ‘Actions’ column (far right) and choose ‘Edit settings’ from the drop-down menu.

On the settings page, in the ‘Grade item’ section, click the ‘Show more…’ link. Locate the ‘Grade display type’ and select the required type from the drop-down menu:

The ‘Letter’ option will display the grade for that item in the gradebook as HD, DN, CR, P or F. The ‘Letter (percentage)’ option will display a letter grade followed by (in parenthesis) the value of the grade as a percentage, and the ‘Letter (real)’ option will display the letter grade followed by (in parenthesis) the actual numerical grade for that item. If you are using letter grades it is best practice to be consistent and apply it to all assessment items.

For more information, see change the formatting of grades in the eLearning Gateway.

Q: How can I view the gradebook as a student to check what they can and can’t see?
To check what students can see in the gradebook, go to ‘Gradebook setup’ (Administration menu > Gradebook setup). Click on the ‘View’ tab, and then click on the ‘User report’ option:
You can view the report as either a single student or all students in a scrollable list by choosing the required item from the ‘Select all or one user’ drop-down menu.

Then choose ‘User’ from the ‘View report as’ drop-down menu. This will then list all the grades that have been configured as ‘visible’ to the student(s).

For more information, see view students’ grades in the eLearning Gateway.

Contributed by Paul Stoll
eLearning & Media Support Officer – CILT

Q: How can I easily create a video in FLO using the Desktop Recorder?
The Desktop Recorder (part of Kaltura) is a simple tool for capturing slides, screencasts, webcam footage and audio on your PC or Mac. There are five options you can choose to capture:

  • presentations and lectures (voice-over PowerPoint lecture)
  • screen (screen and voice)
  • screen and webcam (screen, voice and webcam)
  • webcam (voice and webcam)

When recording your screen, you can use live drawing to enhance the viewer’s experience. Once you finish recording, you can edit the video directly from the preview window. You can also choose to save the file if you want to edit it later or make another recording. If you choose to upload you can still edit your video through the My Media interface in FLO.

You will need to contact the IDS Service Desk on 12345 (option 2) to install the Desktop Recorder. After 28 May, a new version will be available (see how to get your new Desktop Recorder). Once installed, you can either launch it from My Media in FLO or from the icon on your computer.

Your college eLearning support team can help you with any queries about the Desktop Recorder. You can find information on creating videos for teaching in the eLearning Gateway.

Contributed by Lowell Lin
eLearning & Media Support Officer – CILT


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