HERDSA SA Branch Workshops

On behalf of the HERDSA SA Branch committee, we are delighted to present two HERDSA-sponsored workshops presented by visiting Professor, Dieter Schönwetter from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

Professor Schönwetter is both Associate Dean Academic and Director of Educational Resources and Faculty Development within the School of Dentistry at the University of Manitoba. He is also part of an Australia-wide research team comprising Gesa Ruge, Coralie McCormack and Robert Kennelly investigating the Teaching Philosophy Statement (TPS).

Professor Schönwetter has developed and delivered a wide array of workshops for academic staff around course and curriculum development; assessment; technology; communication and teaching students. His demonstrated expertise in working with students ranges across retention; first year students; students at risk and working with challenging students.

HERDSA SA Branch members are warmly invited to attend and participate in the following morning or afternoon three hour workshops (refreshments provided):

Promoting resilience through the Teaching Philosophy Statement

Monday July 29, 9.15am
Flinders University at Victoria Square
Room 10.3


Promoting resilience through the Teaching Philosophy Statement (Repeat)

Tuesday, July 30. 9.15am
Flinders University at Victoria Square
Room 6.15


Preparing for and supporting challenging (struggling) learners

Monday July 29, 2.00pm
University of South Australia City East
Room BJ 2-14


On behalf of the HERDSA SA Branch, please join us for what promises to be a highlight on the HERDSA SA Branch calendar of events for this year.

Andrea Duff
Curriculum Advisor: Diversity and Academic Integrity
Chair HERDSA SA Branch

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