English Language Support Program certificate presentations

On Thursday 7 November, the Student Learning Centre held the English Language Support Program (ELSP) Certificate of Attendance presentation ceremony. A total of 74 certificates were awarded in Semester 2, with several students receiving multiple certificates. The ELSP runs a 7-week schedule of modules in grammar, academic writing, listening and discussion, reading academic texts, and pronunciation, which non-English speaking background students elect to complete in addition to their regular studies to assist them in developing their academic English for the tertiary context. Our congratulations to these students for their willingness to put in the extra effort to improve their academic English, and thanks to the entire ELSP team for their contribution to this successful program.

If you know of students who need to improve their academic English, encourage them to enrol in one or more ELSP modules. Registrations open each semester in O’Week and modules commence around week 4. Refer to the English language support website for further information.

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