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Use of educational videos for learning is becoming more and more popular, extolled by the likes of Sal Khan and his Khan Academy and given credence in academic journals. If you are interested in using videos and multimedia in your teaching, a new series of video resources are now available which provide step-by-step guidance.

The video resources are located in the FLO staff support site (eLearning Gateway) and complement the instructional information already available. Each video introduces users to a concept, a piece of video equipment, a recording method, a technique, and shows some examples of what is possible and achievable. The videos will hopefully inspire and encourage you to pursue creation of multimedia content for teaching using tools that are readily available.

The initial series of videos cover:

  • shooting video with your mobile phone (tips on preparation, shooting, lighting and storage)
  • creating content using the Multimedia Recording Studio (finding the studio, examples of types of videos possible)
  • using the Kaltura desktop recorder (getting video of your computer screen while you narrate)
  • editing your video material using Camtasia (trimming your videos, adding dissolves, adding music and titles).

There are also video chat kits available for loan. The video chat kits consist of:

  • Web chat kits (includes a webcam and USB headset) x 2
  • Web group chat kit (includes a webcam and a Bluetooth microphone / speaker) x 1.

These kits are available for loan to academic staff for use in desktop video conferencing, virtual classroom sessions (eg Collaborate) or recording short videos for FLO.

Please contact your local eLearning support team for further details and booking.

When you’re ready to produce something a bit more formal, such as a longer scripted video, the Multimedia Recording Studio (‘the Studio’) at Sturt may be the place to go. Free and easy to use, your eLearning team can arrange familiarisation sessions to discuss requirements including a brief training session on how to use the Studio. Submit a Service One request to arrange a familiarisation and training session, and book the Studio using the Outlook calendar system (Room – U_STS_418_Multimedia_Recording_Studio). If on-the-day support is needed, please include a note with your booking. Tips and tricks are also available on the eLearning Gateway.

Happy filming!

Tariq Mohammad Abdul
eLearning and Media Support Officer

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