Transforming Assessment – 2 events

1) 25 March 2020: Implementing remotely invigilated online exams at scale.

This session explores key lessons and successes of the University of New England’s experience in implementing large scale remotely invigilated (proctored) online exams where students use their own computer to do an exam in their own space under supervised conditions. This can be used for both higher stakes exams in a live proctored mode and lower stakes testing using automatic monitoring. UNE now has more than 60% of examinable units offering the exams online, and 25% of all exam sittings are undertaken by students this way.  This is expected to grow substantially this trimester.

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2) 26 March 2020: The KISS approach to teaching online in the time of COVID19.

This session explores a “keep it simple” approach to moving teaching online in a time of crisis. This includes ideas for how to load it, teach it and assess it whilst keeping in mind the limitations faced by those rapidly moving online but also aiming to maximise student engagement in learning.

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