Using Gradebook in FLO

Most Colleges are now using gradebook in FLO to hold all assessment grades and calculate total marks for students. Using gradebook in this way is ideal as it ensures that there is one location for storing and tracking changes to student marks. Total marks can also be calculated and then conveniently exported from FLO ready for presentation to exam boards.

There are some important things to remember when setting up your FLO gradebook.

Gradebook Tips

Make sure assessment names are the same in your Statement of Assessment Methods (SAMs) and the gradebook. This helps ensure clarity for students and any members of your teaching team.

Make sure your weightings in gradebook add up to 100%. It may seem obvious, but it is surprisingly easy to miss!

We strongly recommend topic total is hidden from students as this may not in all cases represent the official final grade for the student as these grades need to pass through exam boards before confirmation.

Gradebooks in all topics across the university now have a holding grade column. The holding grade column is used by the topic coordinator to record the status of incomplete grades. Topic coordinators can select:

  • I (Incomplete)
  • FCP (Fail Compulsory Part)
  • F/A (Fail Academic supp)
  • I/M (Incomplete for medical reasons)

If you require assistance setting up your gradebook, please contact your College eLearning support team.

Written by Michael Cox and George Filipov
eLearning and Media Support Officers – CILT

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