Recently Released Good Practice Guides and Tip Sheets

There are three new resources available on the good practice guides and tip sheets site, designed to help get you ready for teaching in Semester 2 and support you to make the best use of FLO:

  1. A good practice guide on Considerations associated with planning the creation of videos for teaching;
  2. A tip sheet on Hybrid Teaching; and
  3. A tip sheet on Providing constructive feedback in FLO.

Considerations associated with planning the creation of videos for teaching
While it is valuable for both equity and improved student learning outcomes to include videos as part of your teaching, there are some important considerations to bear in mind before you start recording one. The guide discusses the various kinds of videos you might wish to use when teaching, with details about their different purposes. The video you use or develop will depend entirely on what you are trying to achieve, so the good practice guide asks questions that will help determine the most appropriate video for your needs. It then discusses ideas on what to include in the video and how to structure it.

Hybrid Teaching
The tip sheet on hybrid teaching provides a short explanation of what the term means before going through various activities and options you need to consider or do before your sessions, remember to do during your sessions and then do afterwards. The key points on the tip sheet are: being prepared; the equipment in the room; use of and support for technology; and key pedagogical considerations related to teaching students both in the room and participating through collaborate.

Providing Constructive Feedback in FLO
The tip sheet on providing constructive feedback in FLO discusses why it is essential to provide constructive feedback to students before it lists a series of important questions about the nature of your feedback. Tips about feedback strategies in FLO and the tools you may consider using are then outlined. These tips are followed by a brief discussion about assessing work using Mahara and tips on providing feedback using that resource.

The good practice guides and tip sheets site is updated regularly with new resources so stay tuned!

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