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Each month we share some of our timely frequently asked questions around educational technology.

Q: How do I make a welcome video for my topic?
There are numerous options for recording and editing videos, including videos welcoming students to your topics :

  • Phone or tablet (good for quick-to-produce videos that don’t need editing)
  • Kaltura desktop recorder (good for narrated PowerPoint video presentations, screen recordings, webcam recordings. Ideal for pre-recording lecture content for semester 2)
  • Snagit (screenshot program that captures video display and audio output)
  • The multimedia recording studio (video and audio recording using green screen technology)
  • Camtasia (good for screen recording application and more in-depth video editing)

Once you have produced your videos:

Q: Can I use Collaborate for teaching in semester 2?
Yes absolutely. Collaborate is a great option to facilitate student interaction and discussion online. With Collaborate you can synchronise online sessions using video and audio and other tools such as screen sharing, polling, whiteboard and more. Collaborate can be used for presentations and student-led sessions, interactive lectures, hybrid classes, group discussions and oral tests. Collaborate:

  • Breaks down geographical barriers for teacher-to-student or student-to-student communication and collaboration.
  • Supports getting students into groups during online sessions.
  • Helps improve completion rates and retention by engaging students and reducing the sense of isolation for off-campus students.
  • Accommodates multiple learning styles and design principles.

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