Curriculum Management Solution for 2021

Flinders currently operates in a complex environment without a single enterprise-level curriculum management system to store and manage around 3500 active topics, more than 600 coursework courses, and many hundreds of other curriculum components such as majors, minors and honours programs. The Curriculum Management Program (CMP) seeks to enable one standard for the structure and presentation of curriculum information, through a technology-based, people centred solution underpinned by appropriate policy and related procedures.

CMP, a collaboration between Digital Student and Teaching Services (DSTS-IDS) and the Educational Quality Team, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) is well underway with work progressing in the implementation of CourseLoop, an enterprise wide curriculum management system, in early 2021.

This implementation of this system, CourseLoop will enable:

  • Better support for Flinders flexible course structures and associated curriculum
  • Improvements in accuracy of governed data published on the web and other university systems
  • Provision of a single ‘source of truth’ for a range of systems, including FLEX, Student System and university websites
  • Improvements in the consistency of published data, specifically unit values, topic offerings and course structures and components

In the coming months, the Curriculum Management Program team will be reaching out to Colleges, academics and staff to provide further updates and detailed information regarding what will be changing and the approach for training, support and guidance that will be offered by the Educational Quality team throughout the transition.

The benefits will include:

  • The elimination of paper-based forms
  • Greater support for topic and course compliance and quality assurance
  • Process improvements and increased automation, reducing the duplication of effort and improving the staff experience
  • Greater transparency of how topic/ course changes impact other course structures
  • Increased visibility of dependencies between topics/ courses
  • Consistency of information and data wherever it is accessed
  • Visibility of how assessments and topics contribute to a student’s achievement of learning outcomes.

For further information about the Curriculum Management Program please visit the website and if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact the Project Team.

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