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Q: Is it possible to have questions in a quiz where students can answer with short information answers?
FLO has a question type called an essay question. This question type will allow students to write a response of a file upload and/or online text. These questions must be marked manually, and the students will not get a final grade for the quiz until the teacher has marked them. When creating a new question in your question bank, simply choose Essay from the question type menu.

To mark those answers, go to the quiz administration menu > results > manual grading. This interface will show you the questions that need to be graded manually. More information: Manually grade an essay question

For more information on different type of questions that you can use in a quiz, please visit Create a new question (from question types)

Q: I want to reuse a quiz that has already been used in my topic, but I would like to modify some of the questions. What is the best way to do this?
If you are planning to change some questions used in an old quiz, you should not modify them as this will impact the quiz where they were originally used. The best approach to do this is following these steps:

  1. Go to the question bank and find your questions.
  2. Duplicate the questions that you want to use and edit them.
  3. Create a copy of your quiz and replace the original questions with the modified versions.
  4. Consider if you need to reorganise your question bank (careful planning is required when using random questions).

Important note: duplicating a quiz does not duplicate the modified questions. The duplicated quiz uses the same questions as the original.

For more tips on how to organise the question bank and build and test your quiz, please visit the Quizzes in FLO – the basics (self-paced workshop).

Written by Carina Correas
eLearning and Media Support Officer – CILT

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