New Learning and Teaching Site: Students as Partners (SaP)

There is an exciting Students as Partners (SaP) site now included on the Learning and Teaching pages. This growing site provides case studies exemplifying excellence and innovation in both curriculum design and teaching practice.

The case studies are drawn from across the institution and cover different topics and teaching areas. To start we have two examples from BGL and two from EPSW. The BGL examples discuss:

  • how a humanist approach to assessment is applied to development studies
  • supporting the development of a dynamic professional profile in criminology

The case studies drawn from EPSW provide insight to:

  • the partnership developed between students who were veterans and staff in education who supported their desire to gain tertiary skills
  • engaging students in curriculum design in social work

If you engage your students as partners in their learning and wish to showcase your approaches through the development of a case study (which may take the form of an interview, a video, a text, a poster, or something else) please contact us.

Dr Ann Luzeckyj
Senior Academic Developer – CILT

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