The CourseLoop Curriculum Management System is now live – here is what you need to know

The first component of the university’s new enterprise curriculum management solution, CourseLoop went live on February 1. CourseLoop, a critical implementation at the university, will vastly improve the way in which Flinders currently stores and manages curriculum information and approvals, establishing a consistent standard for the structure and presentation of curriculum information and supporting university regulatory requirements.

Courseloop is used in the steps for curriculum change:

Curriculum change

As the Educational Quality Team (EQT) will be the primary users of CourseLoop and are the subject matter experts in the management of curriculum data, please be assured there is no expectation for you to engage with any complex functions of the system. You will have the full support of the EQT for all curriculum item proposals, amendments and/ or queries.

The second component is a publication module known as ‘Handbook’ which is underway to implement later in the year with further communication to follow.

Curriculum Design Accelerator Model
Academic teaching specialists and professional staff in CILT have been working on the development of a Curriculum Design Accelerator Model to support the design of new courses, and the re-design of existing ones.  This new model is structured as a series of interactive workshops.  The complete set of workshops can be run sequentially to support an end-to-end course design or redesign, or individual workshops can be chosen to support specific areas of curriculum design.  The new model has recently been launched, using the Flinders Foundations of University Teaching (FFOUT) program as a pilot. A number of Colleges are already keen to apply the new model to the redesign of their courses during 2021.  Further information will be made available over the coming weeks.

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