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Each month we share some of our timely frequently asked questions around educational technology. 

Q: How do I make a welcome video for my topic?
A: There are numerous options for recording and editing videos:

  • Phone or tablet (for quick-to-produce videos that don’t need editing)
  • Kaltura Desktop recorder in FLO (Narrated PowerPoint video presentations, screen recordings, webcam recordings)
  • Snagit (screenshot program that captures video display and audio output)
  • The Multimedia Recording Studio (video and audio recording using green screen technology)
  • Camtasia (video editing and screen recording application)

For support on using Camtasia, Desktop Recorder and SnagIt: please contact your eLearning Team. More information can be found on the eLearning Gateway. Camtasia training is available via ienrol.

Q: How can I collaborate or share with a colleague on a video using Kaltura?
A: Sometimes you collaborate with a colleague to give a lecture or create some video content for their topic without being in the teaching team. Instead of having to move videos around via cloud drives and sharing, there are now permissions in Kaltura that let you assign collaborators to a video.  There are 4 permissions you can use:

  • Change ownership – give it away to someone. The video will no longer show in your My Media and you won’t have any permissions to it.
  • Co-editor – allow someone to edit it (details /information &/or the video itself) and embed it where they want. It will be visible to them from My Media. Be aware if you use the same video in your own topic, any edits to the video/video details will appear in all places the video is used
  • Co-publisher – let someone else publish this video into their own topic, but they cannot make any changes to it.
  • Co-viewer – let someone view the video from My Media, but they won’t be able to edit, publish or embed your video anywhere. This is a great function if you want feedback on your video or if a colleague wants to see a video to decide if it will be useful for them.
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