Clarity in FLO: be clear about how you are delivering your topic

With the start of Semester 1, the FLO student help desk noted a higher-than-normal volume of support requests. Many students were unclear of how and where their topic content was being delivered. Given the wide range of options that are now available this is not surprising!

Questions included:

  • are lectures live or pre-recorded?
  • should I be looking for a lecture recording icon, a page/ book with Kaltura videos or for Collaborate recordings in the Collaborate tool?
  • are Collaborate sessions being used and if yes, what for, e.g. lectures, tutorials, workshops?
  • are on campus classes being conducted?

It is important to provide students with clear instructions in FLO sites outlining: how the topic is running, where to find things in the site, and what a student is required to do.

This can be done in various ways in FLO sites:

  • as part of the topic orientation/welcome
  • by outlining participation and engagement expectations
  • as a topic announcement

Please feel free to contact your local Online Learning and Teaching team for help and advice.

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