Newly published tip sheet: links in FLO to student support services

Ensuring that students know how to get timely support and relevant information is critical to their success and positive experience. Indeed, a number of the digital learning guidelines (1.8, 3.6, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6) advise that “staff draw student’s attention to” links for a range of support services and information.

The wording in the guidelines (draw student’s attention to) is intentional because all of these resources and services already exist and are linked in every FLO site.

You don’t need to create these resources. In fact, it is important that you use the links and resources that are already provided in FLO, rather than create your own.

Support services are continually evolving and creating your own links may result in broken links or outdated information.

So that you are familiar with what links are available and where to direct your students to find these items, a new tip sheet “Links in FLO to student support services and information” has been published.

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