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Q: I’m marking my assignments and I can’t see any/all of my students in the ‘View all submissions’ page
Have you previously filtered your submission page? The submission page has a few filters that can be used to make managing submissions easier, but sometimes people are caught out because the filters you use in one assignment follow you to other assignments (i.e. the filters apply to you and not to the topic or other users).

There are two different filters you can use:

Name filters
If you have more than one page of submissions, you can filter submission by their first or last name, which will appear near the top of the page.

Name filters

If you are moving from a larger topic to a smaller topic, these filters may disappear but still apply. You can reset them by clicking on the Reset table preferences link on the right side of the screen.

Submission filter

In the options section at the bottom of the page are different filters that allow you to view students at different stages of the submission/marking process. Resetting the filter to No filter fixes many problems when you have less students than expected.

Submission filter

Q: How do I amend an assignment due date for a student or group of students?
The assignment extension tool formalises the assignment extension process. Students use the tool to make a request, upload evidence and propose a new due date. Topic coordinators can then review the requests and either approve, reject or amend them. Any granted extensions then automatically update the due date in the assignment.

To change the original due date for a student or group of students (e.g. different due dates for different tutorial groups, or individual due dates for each student), you can add a group or user override.

To grant a new due date for a resubmission, you can grant an extension inside the assignment itself.

Q: How do I amend a due date for other assessment activities?
In a quiz, you can use user or group override to change a due date, or to even change the time limit or the number of attempts allowed.

For other activities, you can use the assignment extension tool to manually add other assessments. This will allow you to process extensions in a consistent way but will unfortunately not update the due date in the activity (you will need to manually keep track of this).

Written by Michael Cox
eLearning and Media Support Officer – CILT

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