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An Evaluation of Serious Gaming as a Formative Assessment Tool
Presenter: Jayne Coleman (Glasgow Caledonian University, UK)

Formative assessment, or assessment for learning, is ill defined within the literature, however common best-practice characteristics include opportunity for student self-regulation and learning via peer feedback (Andersson & Palm, 2017). To evaluate the possible role SG could play as a formative assessment tool, feedback was sought from Undergraduate Physiotherapy students after participating in a competitive team-based quiz.  In this session focus will be placed upon analysis of the students’ feedback themes, which were consistent with those often present within assessment design research; assessment anxiety and developing awareness of the structure of the summative assessment (Bloxham & Boyd, 2007). Also, and of particular interest, the feedback linked with the characteristics of SG “really fun…game a framework for what we should know or knowledge we need to touch on…was able to see strengths and weaknesses of my current learning”.

Finding Your Confidence in the Numbers: Developing Self-Assessment Accuracy through an Adapted TBL Process
Presenter 2: Paul McDermott (University of East Anglia, UK)

For a number of years we have given pre-registration pharmacists clinical decision making training using an adapted Team Based Learning approach. Amongst other activities, our approach involves the completion of a clinical decision making test both individually (using a confidence marking answer format) and as a group (using IF-AT scratch cards for scoring and instant item level feedback). The results from this exercise feed into a league table and badge system used to incentivise learner engagement. In this session, we will reflect on our change in focus away from the benefits of “immediate item level feedback” towards the “effective generation of internal feedback” as a mechanism by which self-assessment can be improved.

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