Changes to FLO assignment extension tool

There have been some changes to the assignment extension tool in FLO to ensure that it is consistent with the new Assessment Policy.

These changes specifically address the provisions for extensions for unforeseen or exceptional circumstances and adjustments for students in designated groups as outlined in the Assessment Variation Procedure. It is important to re-familiarise yourself with these provisions to ensure your practice aligns.

The first phase of changes were released on Thursday 20 May and are outlined below.

  1. Reasons for extensions will align with the provisions in the Assessment Variation Procedure. Examples of such reasons are:
    • Unforeseen or exceptional circumstances:
      – Illness of the student or a close relative
      – Unforeseen cultural or religious commitment
      – Unanticipated personal circumstances
      – Unanticipated and significant work-related circumstances

But there can be others. A text box will appear if students select other so they can extrapolate.

    • Another category of reasons are adjustments for students in designated groups:
      – Student with a Disability Access Plan
      – Elite Athlete
      – Defence/Defence Reserve
  1. Provision of supporting documentation will align with the Assessment Variation Procedure. Specifically:
    • Supporting documentation is not required if the extension being requested is for fewer than 3 business days.
    • Supporting documentation is required if the extension being requested is greater than 3 university business days AND if the reason selected is in the ‘Unforeseen or exceptional circumstances’ category.
    • Supporting documentation is NOT required for students on DAP, elite athletes and defence/defence reserves, regardless of the period of extension being requested. Importantly students selecting one of these options will not be prevented from uploading supporting evidence.

In addition to the main changes above, some other minor adjustments have been made to the interface for students to improve usability.

Further updates are planned that will allow for bulk approval of extension requests.

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