Teaching Tip: Facilitating student and teacher interaction in FLO

When we teach in an online environment, it may feel like the spontaneity and visual feedback of student and teacher interaction is challenged. How do we design deliberate opportunities for students and teachers to communicate using technologies that seem as natural as being in the same room together?

By using a combination of tools in FLO you can offer students multiple ways for student and teacher interaction.  It’s your teaching presence, encouraging students to use these tools to engage in a variety of communication about learning, that has a big impact on how students interact with peers and teachers.

A student may need to find out how to communicate in an online tutorial, discuss a concept further or find out if they can speak to you one to one.

To plan your approach to student and teacher interaction in a FLO topic, try the new Tip Sheet- Facilitating Student-Teacher interaction in FLO.

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