Changes to Statement of Assessment Methods (SAMs) 2022

Have you heard we are improving the SAMs to better align with Assessment Policy and present information in a more accessible and standard form?

One important change is the inclusion of standard Assessment Types to provide greater consistency and quality across all topic assessment information, resulting in greater benefits to both students and staff and streamlined completion of SAMs.

If you missed the Assessment Policy Implementation Roadshow, which outlines the Assessment Policy changes including changes to SAMs, a recording of the session and slides are available in the Assessment 2021 FLO site.

Another change that is coming is that more assessment data will be automatically populated into SAMs. To help get there, we need to make sure that SAMs data for 2022 is in line with the new Assessment Policy. And to do this we need your help.

To accommodate and support the updated policy, the 2022 SAMs template will be updated. It is not possible to directly map or migrate the 2021 assessment data automatically into the 2022 SAMs, so teaching staff in Colleges are being asked to update SAMs for all topics for 2022.

The review and update of SAMs for 2022 needs to occur by the end of this year so that it can be migrated into CourseLoop. Thereafter, as per the Award Courses policy, all future changes to assessments will be managed as topic changes requiring Level 2 approval. Following the 2022 review and update, all data required to populate SAMs will be sourced directly from the approved data in CourseLoop enabling a much simpler contribution and workflow created directly from the source of truth.

Next steps
Please make your colleagues aware of the coming changes and timeframe. SAMs will open in October (this year), and you will be advised as soon as they are available. All SAMs for 2022 must be completed by the end of the year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Dean (Education).

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