Managing readings in your topic

Readings (Leganto) is a list management tool, designed to help you easily list and communicate resources to your students while making it easier to manage copyright and licensing requirements. By using this tool, you will avoid the headache of wondering how and if you can share something, as well as having to fix broken links.  It also ensures that the links provided will give students access using the library’s paid subscriptions or enable them to request access to hard copies, without needing to navigate out.

Why should I use the readings tool?

In addition to the points mentioned above, ultimately, the University has legal obligations that are tied to readings.

  1. We are required to be able to report on the use of materials shared using the Copyright Act. The Readings (Leganto) system is how the University manages these requirements.
  2. If readings are deemed to be a required element of a topic, the University is obliged to ensure that this material is accessible. Using the readings tool helps to ensure that compliance obligations here are met.

You can find further information about the readings tool by enrolling in the self-paced Readings workshop or contacting the library via Service One.

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