SAMs update: process now live!

The process for collecting and approving Statement of Assessment Methods (SAMs) for 2022 has commenced. The SAM for your topic will be made available to you shortly via a notification from the relevant SAS team in your College. You can then login to FLEX to complete your SAM.

Changes to SAMs 2022
To accommodate and support the new assessment policy, changes have been made to the 2022 SAMs template. As 2021 assessment data does not align with the revised template, there is no way to directly map or migrate this data automatically into the 2022 SAMs. Therefore, a review and update of all SAMs for all topics being offered in 2022 is required. Previous topic assessment data will be presented on the assessable work screen for reference purposes while completing your SAM(s).

Key changes are outlined below and more detail is available in the Tip sheet – Completing Statement of Assessment Methods for 2022 and the SAMs FAQs. There is also a video on how to complete the update of your SAM and how-to support material in FLOSS.

  • The new assessable work screen allows topic coordinators to enter assessment data to align with the new policy
  • Expected student workloadand learning outcomes are now populated from CourseLoop
  • Criteria for successful completion of the topicis no longer required on the SAM
  • Requirements for completion should accompany the detailed instructions and the rubric indicating criteria and standards for successful completion for each assessment in FLO
  • Where previously policy and procedures were directly quoted in the SAM, this now references the official policy/procedure documents
  • The SAMs document that is published to the students will not include the Topic Coordinator details. Because SAMs are being created early this year, there are several scenarios where the Topic Coordinator may change between now and when the topic commences

The benefit of this policy driven change is that once entered, all assessment data will be able to be published to students in the Handbook.


Topic Coordinators will need to complete updates to SAMs for all 2022 topics (SU, NS1, S1, NS2, S2) by the end of this year. Once the assessment data is updated it will be migrated into CourseLoop and as per the Award Courses policy, all future changes to assessments will be managed as topic changes requiring Level 2 approval.

How to manage topics undergoing a formal change
If Topic Coordinators are putting through any type of topic change for 2022, they should wait until the change is approved in CourseLoop and has appeared in FLEX before they submit their SAM for moderation. Once the change has been approved in CourseLoop then the relevant changes (eg. Learning Outcomes, Topic Name) will be reflected in FLEX. Please note there are a number of steps in this process, so it may take a several days for the update to appear in FLEX.

Once a SAM enters moderation or is published it will not be updated with changes from CourseLoop. This is to ensure that students see the data that was in the SAM when it was published for the duration of the topic availability. If there is a change completed in CourseLoop for the 2022 topic, then the SAM will need to be re-drafted.

Help and support

  • For help updating your SAM (FLEX-related queries), please refer to the SAM contactin your College.
  • For academic or policy related questions, please refer to your College contacts, including your College Dean (Education) or College Assessment Policy Working Group rep.

College of Business, Government and Law
SAM contact:
Academic/ policy contact: Chris Kee, Dean (Ed) & Assessment Policy Working Group rep

College of Education, Psychology and Social Work
SAM contact: Student Progress and Assessment Advisors at
Academic/ policy contact: Debra Bateman, Dean  (Ed)
and Julie Clark, Assessment Policy Working Group rep

College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
SAM contacts: Jo Smiley on x15516 and Blake Lenthall on x15840 or
Academic/ policy contact: Eric Bouvet, Dean (Ed) & Assessment Policy Working Group rep

College of Medicine and Public Health
SAM contact:
Academic/ policy contact: Alison Jones, Dean (Ed) at
and Lambert Schuwirth, Assessment Policy Working Group rep 

College of Nursing and Health Sciences
SAM contacts: Jane Lucadei and Brett Carter at
Academic/ policy contact: Chris Barr, Dean (Ed) & Assessment Policy Working Group rep 

College of Science and Engineering
SAM contact:
Academic/ policy contact: John Roddick, Dean (Ed) at
and Ingo Koeper, Assessment Policy Working Group rep

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