New features in My Media (in FLO)

Some great new features have just been added to My Media in FLO that will help to make your videos more interactive and engaging for your students.
Using My Media you can now: 

  • Build interactive video quizzes 
  • Add hotspots 
  • Record directly from your browser (express capture) 
  • Use the new embed option 

My Media is your personal video storage area within FLO. FLO also includes a topic video storage area called Media Vault.  

Interactive video quizzes
Interactive Video Quiz seamlessly embeds multiple choice questions at any point in a video. You can easily add your own questions through a user-friendly interface. These questions are attached to the video and ‘travel’ with it wherever it is embedded or presented.  

As students watch the video quiz, the questions will appear at the chosen points. The students answer the question and then the video continues after each question is answered. Flexible settings allow creators to choose whether viewers can repeat sections, skip questions, revise answers, get hints, and discover the correct answers, allowing Interactive Video Quizzing to be used to increase engagement, test knowledge and retention, gather data, and more. 

Video quiz

Video Quiz – This will add a single video quiz embedded in its own page and link it to the gradebook. 

The Hotspot tool displays a configurable block on top of a video during playback. When a viewer clicks the hotspot, they can be taken to either another location within the video or a web address.

Hotspots can be used to link to: 

  • Another video 
  • A document within the FLO topic 
  • A web document 
  • A web form 
  • A wiki article 
  • A citation example 
  • A different time point in the video

Express Capture
Express Capture enables recording content directly from your browser without the need to install any additional software. This feature only allows webcam and audio to be captured and then is added directly to your My Media. It is a great way to do a quick Welcome video, post verbal instruction on how to do something or just to clarify questions raised. The video can still be edited in My Media after saving. 

New video embed option 

Video resource
Video Resource
– This will add a single video embedded in its own page. Similar to using a Page and adding via the Rich text editor but with less steps and displays an icon indicating a video. 

A reminder of some of the existing features in My Media 

Within My Media you can: 

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