Each month we profile a member of CILT staff, giving a glimpse into what makes them tick. This month we profile Jane Habner, Associate Student Learning Advisor in the Student Learning & Support Service.

What do you like the most about working at Flinders?
I have been at Flinders, both as a student and as a staff member, for a very long time, so Flinders is very much home to me. What I like most about working at Flinders is the people. Over the years I’ve had some wonderful colleagues and made some wonderful friends. And family as well, for that matter, as my wife works in the Careers and Employability team and our son is at Flinders University Child Care. We are a Flinders family! I’m also pretty fond of our students, but I’d rather them not know that!

What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better?
As coordinator of the Foundation Studies Program, I spend a lot of time working with students as they begin their transition into a university environment. Seeing their progress through the program is very gratifying, but nothing makes my day better than running into a former Foundation Studies student who is now thriving in their chosen degree. It literally happens every day on campus, which makes every day pretty good!

What is something you are looking forward to?
I’ve really enjoyed the return of students on to campus after the last few years, particularly many of our International students, who we really missed. Having said that, because of the last few years, we have had to develop a number of new and innovative ways to support students who aren’t able to be physically with us. I’m really excited about continuing with this, as it has enabled much greater flexibility for students, as they can now engage in a more diverse range of learning support activities, finding success in those that best suit them.

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