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I have been assigned a role supporting a WIL topic and/or program. Where can I find out more about what is expected of me and build my knowledge of WIL? 
Welcome to the WIL community! The top 5 recommendations for getting started are:
  1. Hopefully you are already connected in with other members of the WIL community in your college or discipline area, if not, this is the best place to start.
  2. Contact your college-aligned WIL support team early as they will introduce you to the operational support services they offer.
  3. Review the information and resources on the CILT webpage to gain a good overview of WIL at Flinders and WIL networks you can tap into.
  4. Review the WIL Procedures for a description of the roles, responsibilities and processes involved at each stage in the WIL process.
  5. View the student placements webpage for an overview of the information all students are provided.
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