Develop interactive teaching content with H5P

H5P (HTML 5 Package) is a digital tool used to develop and deliver interactive and engaging content for teaching. It is a relatively recent addition to the collection of University supported digital tools, and this article outlines some useful ways you can learn more.

  1. Enrol in a self-paced workshop

H5P in FLO is a self-paced workshop that provides you with some background about the tool, a selection of examples and instruction on how to add activities to your FLO site.  It is an excellent place for beginners to start.

  1. Look over examples of various H5P artefacts

If you are comfortable with the basics and would like to explore a more comprehensive list of activity examples, you might want to have a look at the FLO site H5P examples.

  1. Explore examples of how pedagogical principals have been approached using digital tools including H5P

Alternatively, you may be interested in seeing examples of how various tools – H5P and others – have been used to approach educational objectives.  In this case, you might find the FLO site Linking tools with learning to be of value.

  1. Attend a workshop

eLearning teams from across the University routinely run a variety of training sessions, including H5P: building interactive content in your FLO site.  The next one will run on August 9 2022, but if this date does not suit, keep an eye on iEnrol for future sessions or contact your eLearning team.

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