CMBD welcomes Dr. Simon Odell

CMBD welcomes Dr. Simon Odell to the team!

A pioneer in marine biotechnology at Flinders University, Dr. Odell returns to the university where as part of the original cohort of students studying Biotechnology, he completed his Honours research in marine actinobacteria in 1994.

Recently he has been working as a scientist in the food and beverage area. As a chemist, microbiologist, and sensory scientist, Odell is “fascinated by how nature is able to provide products and solutions for our daily lives”.

Drawing upon his diverse expertise, at CMBD, he will design zero-waste protocols for optimal growth and fermentation of strains of microalgae to develop varieties for products. Simon aims to manipulate algal strains for new and improved food and beverage, taste and smell sensations.

With extensive industry and engineering expertise in novel design for laboratory equipment and industry up-scale technologies, he will build a bridge between CMBD and Marine Biotechnology Cooperative Research Centre (MB-CRC) for collaboration and training opportunities.

Dr. Odell is also a talented artist who makes ‘light paintings’, hybrids of the processes of drawing and photography.



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