Professor Colin Raston in ABC documentary about human impact

CMBD cross-college partner, Professor Colin Raston, is to feature in a TV documentary series about human impact on the world!

The final part of ABC TV’s latest documentary series The Chemical World brings together global experts to tackle the issue of human impact on the world. These experts aim to fix environmental damage before it’s too late.

Prof Raston believes Clean technology and Green Chemistry are at the core of future survival. He is a South Australia Premier’s Professional Research Fellow in Clean Technology. His current research covers process intensification, nanotechnology, and self-assembly. These processes lead to less energy, chemical, and resource requirements.

Prof Colin Raston and research associate Dr Kasturi Vimalanathan from the Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology (College of Science and Engineering) feature in Episode 3: Human Impact. They discuss the reasons that the planet is facing a crisis and how these can be mitigated if we all do what is necessary. You can view Episode 3 here.

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