Is seaweed the carbon solution?


Year 10 Scotch College student Ella Ifould recently undertook work experience at CMBD.

Ella hopes to follow science as a future career path. As part of her school work, she researched the use of seaweed for carbon capture. Her research project sparked an interest in marine bioproducts for environmental solutions. As a result, she visited CMBD and asked, “is seaweed the carbon solution?”

“The global climate crisis is a major environmental issue. To find solutions, people are searching for answers to the carbon emissions problem. A group of university student scientists in Tasmania recently found that seaweed can be used as a natural carbon sequester. Until recently, it was believed, that forests were the best natural defense against climate change. However research has now shown that seaweed is the more effective sequester. The students aimed to find a more efficient, cheap, and effective way to absorb excess carbon from the atmosphere. The exciting new finding could spearhead future seaweed solutions to the climate crisis,” said Ella.

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