2021 SA Science Excellence + Innovation Awards Celebration Event


Prof. Chris Franco, Medical Biotechnology CMBD, Ass Prof. Kirsten Heimann, CMBD, Prof. Robert Saint DVC, Flinders University.

Niki Sperou & Peng Su, CMBD, Flinders University.

Randy Larcombe Films + Stills, 2021 SA Science Excellence and Innovation Awards

The CMBD team celebrated their selection as finalists in the Excellence in Science and Industry Collaboration category, at the 2021 South Australian Science Excellence + Innovation Awards, Tonsley Innovation District, on 26 November 2021.

The celebrations recognise the outstanding achievements of scientists, researchers, educators and innovators across the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM).

According to Hon David Pisoni MP, Minister for Innovation and Skills, “Our finalists are shining examples of South Australia’s best and brightest minds  – people who are pushing the boundaries of new knowledge, addressing some of our most challenging and complex issues, harnessing collaborations to drive innovation, and igniting passion in the new generation.

We also know that science, research and innovation are key drivers of economic growth and transformation.

This is embodied in our 10-year science and innovation strategy, EXCITE, which aims to place South Australia in the top quartile of OECD nations by 2030, fostering industry-research collaborations to take ideas, products and services to the world, and attracting young wealth creators and innovators who work with STEMM fields.

There is no doubt that science and innovation is absolutely vital to our society and our economy.

Congratulations to this year’s finalists for their amazing achievements. They are fantastic examples of the brilliant minds we’re cultivating here in South Australia, and they’re an inspiration to our future scientists, innovators and educators.”

The Centre for Marine Bioproducts at Flinders University transforms sustainable farmed materials into new products by using green chemistry and developing advanced manufacturing processes to reduce waste, energy use, and the need for harmful chemicals.

Randy Larcombe Films + Stills, 2021 SA Science Excellence and Innovation Awards

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