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Part of the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts, the FUMA Floor Talk will dive deep into the exhibition There we were all in one place by Hayley Millar Baker.

We spoke to FUMA’s (Flinders University Museum of Art) Exhibition Officer Brianna Speight to give us the lowdown on the event.

So, what is the FUMA Floor Talk all about?

“The FUMA Floor Talk is a guided exhibition tour of There we were all in one place which is an early-career survey exhibition of photographic works by celebrated artist Hayley Millar Baker (Gunditjmara).

“Taking place at the FUMA Gallery in Social Sciences North, the audience will be led through the exhibition and have an opportunity to discuss artworks and themes of storytelling, history and memory”, Brianna tells us.

“Hayley Millar Baker’s layered photographic assemblages (2016 – 2019) featured in this exhibition affirm aboriginal experience and culture within the Australian Imaginary to form a complex narrative of place, family, identity and survival.

“FUMA is the last stop for this touring exhibition which was produced by the University of Technology in Sydney and curated by Stella Rosa McDonald. For the artist Hayley Millar Baker, There we were all in one place marks the end of a chapter and it will be the last time these works are displayed together.

“In this sense, we encourage you to visit this exhibition and make the most of this final opportunity to view the works in relation to each other and engage with the themes of the exhibition.”

Engaging with the students at the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts

Brianna goes on, “FUMA is excited to celebrate projects unfolding across CHASS from student exhibitions and research to panel discussions focused on the arts sector. We look forward to connecting with students and colleagues and finding out how FUMA can support research and transformative learning from the collection.

“The program of the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts looks fantastic, and we aim to see as many events as possible. However, the Sunset Screening in the Plaza with beanbags and a picnic sounds especially inviting! Find the FUMA team there and we can discuss our favourite events so far.”

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