Navigating the Future of the Arts: The Inaugural Robyn Archer Oration 


In today’s dynamic landscape of creative arts, Flinders University’s Assemblage Centre for Creative Arts is pleased to host this milestone event: the Inaugural Robyn Archer Oration, during the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts 

Robyn Archer AO, one of the Australia’s greatest cultural treasures, is a singer, writer, stage director, artistic director, and public advocate of the arts, nationally and globally. 

Her insightful oration promises a thought-provoking journey into the future of the arts.. We sat down with Assemblage’s Director, Associate Professor Tully Barnett, and Deputy Director, Dr Amy Matthews, to dive deeper into this inspiring event.  


What is the oration? 

Tully: Assemblage Centre for Creative Arts is delighted to be launching the Inaugural Robyn Archer Oration as part of the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts. And who better for the inaugural oration than Robyn Archer AO! Robyn is a singer, performer, writer, artistic director, and public advocate for the arts nationally and globally. Come and join us, 6-8pm in the Banquet Room at Adelaide Festival Centre on Friday November 17, to hear Robyn Archer speak on the future of the arts. 


Who should attend this event? 

Amy: Anyone who loves the Creative Arts! Robyn is one of Australia’s cultural treasures and has a wealth of knowledge about the cultural and artistic life of our country (and the world beyond). If you’ve had a career in the arts, if you want a career in the arts, if you’re an artist, or if you love the arts, this oration will speak to you. Robyn will be considering the future of the arts in this changing world we live in and the roles we might be play in it. It should be lively, intellectually stimulating, and an engaging evening of art, culture and ideas. 


What can people expect from the oration? 

Tully: The event will feature a one hour oration by Robyn Archer, followed by a Q&A with Associate Professor Tully Barnett, the Director of Assemblage Centre for Creative Arts, discussing creative arts in the context of culture, society and the role universities can play in that eco-system.  


What do you think about the Festival of Creative Arts?    

Amy: The Festival is the most exciting intersection of Creative Arts practice, research, and culture – not least of all because it features so many different art forms (writing, performance, fashion, film, gaming and more) and artists from all levels of experience. It’s a showcase of what’s happening in South Australia, and at Flinders, which is an absolute hotbed of creativity. 


What does it mean to you to be Fearless in the arts?  

Both: It means embracing the future and all the possibilities for art, culture, scholarship, and humanity. The creative arts are where we think and feel our way through the problems, and solutions, big and small. 


Robyn’s fearless approach to the arts encourages us all to embrace the limitless possibilities for art, culture and humanity and this event will be sure to inspire anyone who attends.  

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Event details: 

  • Robyn Archer Oration 
  • Friday 17 November 
  • 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start – 8:00pm 
  • Banquet Room, Adelaide Festival Centre 

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