Introducing the Flinders University Chamber Ensemble


What do screen production, chemistry, creative writing and physiotherapy have in common? Music! (Of course…) 

The Flinders University Chamber Ensemble (FUCE) is a group of musicians made up of staff and students at Flinders, brought together by their passion for all things music.  

Led by conductor Arthur Siow, the group is a key part of the university’s cultural scene. We dive into FUCE’s essence, the people in the ensemble, and what you can expect at their Flinders Festival of Creative Arts performance from the group’s cellist and Screen lecturer Helen Carter. 


What is the Flinders University Chamber Ensemble all about? 

Helen: The Flinders University Chamber Ensemble, or FUCE, has been an integral part of Flinders for many years. We’re a small and passionate group of amateur musicians who come together to play and perform as a part of Flinders’ vibrant cultural scene. Under the guidance of our conductor, Arthur Siow, who has been with us for 25 years, we create a harmonious blend of music that enriches the university’s cultural fabric. 


Who makes up the Ensemble? 

Helen: Our ensemble is a diverse mix of students, staff, graduates, and friends who share a common love for chamber music. Most of us are string and woodwind players, and from time to time, we collaborate with singers and choirs. Our repertoire mainly features baroque composers like Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, and Corelli. We take turns with solo roles, and this year, we have an incredibly talented screen student, Emily McDonald playing the violin. 


What inspired you to join the Flinders University Chamber Ensemble? 

Helen: I play the cello, and my decision to join the ensemble was driven by a love for playing music with others. I had recently started teaching at Flinders and saw this as a way to meet people and be involved in uni life. Over time I have met lots of interesting students and lecturers from other disciplines such as VEED, Chemistry, Physiotherapy and Medicine. Our rehearsal are enjoyable and Arthur encourages everyone to take the lead and provides opportunities to play solos. I’ve learned a lot playing with this ensemble.   


What can people expect at a Flinders University Chamber Ensemble performance? 

Helen: Our performances are intimate and informal, offering the audience a close-up experience with the musicians. It’s an opportunity to hear some music that is not frequently performed and also to hear talented students playing solo parts.  



Why should people attend the performance during the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts? 

Helen: The highlight of this upcoming concert at the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts will be a performance of the popular Winter from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Screen student Emily McDonald will play the solo violin and this promises to be very special. I hope lots of people will come and hear Emily play. We are also rehearsing some Christmas works by baroque composers.   


What else are you going to see at the Festival of Creative Arts? 

After a busy year, I’m really excited to see all of the screen students’ work at the Sunset Screening. I’m sure there will be a great variety of films with different styles and themes.  

Find out more about the Sunset Screening here. 

I’m also looking forward to finally seeing what Tom Young has been up to with the 100dayfilm project when he screens Lucid Dreaming. Many hours of staff and student work, from all areas of the Creative Arts, has contributed to making this film. I hope Tom can finish the film it in time! 

Register now for the premiere of Lucid Dreaming here. 


The Flinders University Chamber Ensemble, with its diverse and passionate members, is a hidden gem within the Festival of Creative Arts. Don’t miss out on their upcoming performance at the Oasis Function Centre and register to watch their performance now. Don’t forget to check out everything else going on during the two week Flinders Festival of Creative Arts! 


Event details: 

  • Flinders University Chamber Ensemble Performance 
  • Wednesday 15 November 
  • 5.30pm – 6.30pm 
  • Oasis Function Centre, Flinders University 

Register now 

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