Unlocking the Mysteries of Dreams: The Making of Lucid Dreaming


What if dreams could change reality? Have you ever wondered about the profound impact of dreams on our lives or the potential they hold? Well, meet Lucid Dreaming, a high-concept feature film created by Flinders Senior Screen Production Lecturer, Dr Tom Young which explores just that. 

In the lead up to the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts, we sat down with Tom to understand the inspiration, lessons learned, and the excitement surrounding Lucid Dreaming’s global premiere on November 23.  

Find out more about Tom’s 100 day film project here. 


What is Lucid Dreaming about? 

Tom: Lucid Dreaming is a high-concept feature film that delves into the idea of harnessing the power of dreams to bring about real-world change. It’s a journey into the realm of dreams and their profound impact on our lives. 



What was the inspiration for this project? 

Tom: Dreams have always been a source of fascination for me. They’re like a mysterious enigma that every person experiences but doesn’t fully understand. The idea of exploring this mystery and the potential it holds served as a driving force for Lucid Dreaming. 


How has the experience been making this film? Did it go as expected, and what did you learn throughout the process? 

Tom: Making Lucid Dreaming has been an incredible journey filled with creativity, hard work, and unexpected discoveries. At the heart of this project, two essential elements worked in harmony – collaboration and an absolute deadline. The unexpected is often where we find the most valuable lessons, and I’m grateful for every twist and turn in this adventure. 




What do you hope aspiring filmmakers will gain from following the journey of this project? 

Tom: Filmmaking is a complex craft, but it’s one that can be broken down and examined at every phase. I hope that the behind-the-scenes videos offer insight into the creative process, helping aspiring filmmakers understand the intricacies and inspiring them to embark on their filmmaking journeys. 

Why should people come to the screening of Lucid Dreaming? 

Tom: We invite everyone to join us for the premiere of Lucid Dreaming and celebrate with the cast and crew. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of dreams and the magic of storytelling. Expect an enchanting cinematic experience that will leave you pondering the power of your own dreams. 



What else are you excited to see during the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts? 

Tom: Personally, I’m looking forward to the Screen Student Showcase on Thursday, November 16th, which promises a captivating selection of original short films by emerging filmmakers. 


Lucid Dreaming is an exploration of the enigmatic world of dreams and the creative journey behind its making. Join us at the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts to witness the premiere of this exciting project and immerse yourself in the creative spirit of emerging artists.  


Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of Lucid Dreaming by registering for tickets and make sure to check out what else is happening during the festival. 


Event details: 

  • 100 Day Film: Launch and Film Screening of Lucid Dreaming  
  • Thursday 23 November 
  • 7.00pm – 9.00pm 
  • Matthew Flinders Theatre, Flinders University 

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