The Art of Motion: Brittany Gallasch’s Journey in Virtual Production

Virtual Production Showcase


Ever wondered what a career in Virtual Production could look like?  

Brittany Gallasch is one of Flinders’ first students completing her Masters in Virtual Production and is paving the way for the next generation of Motion Capture (MoCap) actors.  

Having a long list of accomplishments, including winning two Helpmann Academy grants, it’s no wonder Brittany has already found her passion in this booming field. 

In the lead up to the Virtual Production Student Showcase happening during the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts, we got to sit down with Brittany and talk about her journey at Flinders so far. 


How has your experience been at Flinders and how has it helped you in your career journey?

Brittany: My experience at Flinders has been truly transformative. I initially began my educational path studying Acting for four years at the Flinders Drama Centre. During this time, I was immersed in the world of theatre and film acting, honing my skills and deepening my understanding of performance. As the ‘Void’ (a multipurpose virtual production stage) was being built around the same time I was training, I developed a strong fascination with Motion Capture (MoCap) and recognised the potential for my actor training to be leveraged within this niche field. Pursuing a Master’s degree in Virtual Production has allowed me to transition from being in front of the camera to gaining confidence and proficiency behind it. The course has given me an empowering set of skills and the mindset to take control of my career and make my mark in the world of MoCap and virtual production.  


What have you enjoyed the most about studying Virtual Production at Flinders?

Brittany: Getting out of my comfort zone for sure. I’ve always loved actively creating and experimenting with new ideas, and this course has allowed me to set challenges for myself, fostering my growth as a performer and creator. Another big highlight for me has been working with other students who bring diverse skillsets to the table.  In the realm of Virtual Production, there are so many different skills to master, and it’s been great to come together to make something awesome by utilising our unique strengths.  


Herding Caterpillars in the Void


What advice do you have for people interested in a career in Virtual Production?

Brittany: If you’re a storyteller with an interest in Virtual Production, don’t hesitate—dive right in! The filmmaking landscape is evolving rapidly through the Virtual Production paradigm, and the tools you’ll acquire can provide you with more freedom and efficiency to bring your stories to life. Also, be unafraid to experiment and embrace failure. Through exploration and pushing boundaries that you’ll uncover new, innovative ways to tell stories. I’ve found that even when things didn’t go as planned, the process was still empowering, offering valuable lessons along the way.  


What are you most looking forward to about the Showcase? Will you attend anything else during the Festival of Creative Arts?

Brittany: I’m looking forward to celebrating the creative contributions of lots of different talented artists at Flinders. Viewing works across various disciplines always keeps me motivated to continually push the boundaries of my craft. Naturally, I’m looking forward to the Virtual Production showcase to witness the live demonstrations of our projects within ‘The Void.’ I’m also excited to attend the Drama Centre showcase: be/ginning and support my fellow actors. These actors were in their first year when I was in my fourth year, and I’m pumped to witness their growth as performers. As someone who appreciates creative writing and live theatre, I’m also interested on the ‘Creative Writing and Drama Showcase.’ This event features a collection of thirteen captivating tales inspired by the Tarot, accompanied by readings from Flinders Drama students.  

Can you tell us a bit about the work that you’ll be showcasing during the Festival of Creative Arts? 

Brittany: During the Showcase, we will be presenting a performance capture scene that is a part of a larger film project created using Unreal Engine. The film, written by Kris Lucia, revolves around a bounty hunter named Bonnie, who enters a magical prison to interrogate an exceptionally dangerous criminal. The scene has been created thanks to the collective efforts of the VEED9002 class, where everyone has contributed their skills to the post-production process. 


This is your chance to explore the possibilities of Virtual Production through the lens of our talented students and see what they’ve all been working on in this last year. Join us during the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts for the Virtual Production Showcase in The Void! 


Event details: 

  • Virtual Production Student Showcase 
  • Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 November 
  • 10am – 11:30am and 2pm – 3:30pm 
  • The Void (Drama Centre), Flinders University 

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