Business Improvement Program update

Over the past few months, the Business Improvement Program team have been extremely busy working on a number of projects. Read on for a quick overview and update.

Newly established Program Board

A new Business Improvement Program Board has been set up with representation from across the University to help prioritise and business improvement initiatives and provide program governance. The board has now set the next business improvement project priorities are:

  • Grants Finance Lifecycle
  • Improve student completions rate
  • Leave of absence

Continuous Improvement training for Student Administration Services

The BI team have recently conducted our first Continuous Improvement training session for staff from Student Administration Services. The key objectives were to introduce process mapping techniques, identifying wastes & problem-solving methods. It was an experiential training and was rated 3.5/4 by the participants.

The BI team will be holding similar sessions for staff across various divisions in the future. If you are interested in organising a similar session for your team, please reach out to Zarine at Some photos from the day are below.

New Student Complaints and Misconduct process

The BI team have been working with a number of teams to completely revamp the Student Complaints & Misconduct process. The objective of this project has been to improve the transparency of complaints and efficiency of the process.

Micro-Credentials Framework

Our Micro-Credentials Project has developed and implemented a new Micro-Credentials Framework which is now included in the Universities Awards Policy. Work is continuing on the non-award (short) courses framework, which will now be reviewed by the Senior Executive Team (SET).

Domestic student credit transfer

The BI team have also been working on a project to improve the credit transfer process for domestic students. This has resulted in an 83% increase of CRM adoption by the students for this process and an improvement in average application resolution time from 8 weeks from 2 weeks.

Requisite Waiver Project

Another key project for the BI team has been the Requisite Waiver process. Improvements to the requisite waiver application process has resulted in a 17% reduction in requisite waivers and an improvement in the average application resolution time from 4 days to 8 days.


If you would like to find out more about the Business Improvement Program or speak to us about our work, please contact Zarine.

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