Workday Recruitment module is live

The new recruitment module in Workday is now live.

The Workday recruitment module will help the University more effectively and transparently manage the employment lifecycle from hire to retire as well as improve our talent sourcing whilst providing a positive applicant/new starter experience, with a seamless transition process from applicant to employee for all staff (Fixed-term, Continuing and Casual).

If you are involved in the recruitment of staff within your College or Portfolio, you will find updated staff recruitment information on our Manager and Supervisors Resources page and specific release information and guidance below:

Recruitment for fixed-term or continuing staff positions

Recruitment for fixed-term or continuing staff positions

Engagement of Casual Academics in Colleges

  • New College-specific Casual Academic Registers have been published. With these new Workday based registers, Topic or Course Coordinators and Teaching Program Directors can review applicant profiles and initiate the engagement of a casual register applicant, all in Workday.
  • A series of short Topic or Course Coordinator Video Guides are also available.
  • A series of virtual briefing sessions will be held over the next couple of weeks on the new Casual Academic Engagement process. If you’d like to sign-up for one of these, please register for one of the Workday: Recruitment Briefing for Topic Coordinators via iEnrol.

Note: The Casual Academics Payment process in FlindersPro will not be changing as part of this release.

Engagement of Casual Professionals or a Casual Academic in a Portfolio

  • To replace the use of FlindersPro to initiate engagement of a casual worker, the new Engage Casual Worker Service One form is now available.

Internal Vacancies

  • Internal Vacancies will now be advertised and available to apply for through the Workday Careers applet, within Workday.

External Vacancies

  • External vacancies will be advertised through the Jobs at Flinders webpage with links to the new Workday based Casual Employment Registers and the fixed-term and continuing Workday job board.

An overview of the recruitment changes is provided in Workday Recruitment Summary.pdf, and more detailed explanation is provided in Workday Recruitment change (detailed version).pdf.

You can find more detailed information regarding the recruitment release on the MyWorklife Program page.

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