Announcing Qualtrics

Another busy and productive week has passed here in DRS.

We have a FIT article about to go out about an exciting new tool – a general-purpose survey tool called Qualtrics.

This is a very popular survey tool and we can see why – it has a wide range of benefits for everyone at Flinders University:

  • it’s free for you to use, thanks to a Flinders site license
  • you can use it for an unlimited number of surveys
  • it can handle from basic to very complex survey designs
  • it’s easy to setup and use (if you’ve used another survey tool in the past, like SurveyMonkey, you’ll be right at home with Qualtrics).

The Flinders license of Qualtrics has a lot of functionality that you’d ordinarily have to pay for when using another comparable survey tool. Qualtrics is available to all staff, and students can also use the tool with College or FUSA approval. If you are interested, see how to get started with Qualtrics .

Today’s blog post comes courtesy of our AD, Sally Wheldrake:

One of the first sayings my mother used to say was ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

I like to think of this in all aspects in life, in this case in relation to customer service. Here at the University all employees provide services to others, whether within our own teams, the broader team, the portfolio, colleges, students and external collaborators. If we consider how we ourselves like to be treated as a customer this helps inform how we should interact with the customer, whilst remembering that one size doesn’t fit all and using other techniques like putting yourself in their shoes and see the experience from their side.

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