Welcome to 2019 – and REDCap


We at Digital Research Services hope you have had a terrific start to 2019. We have hit the ground running, and have been busy with all our exciting projects. And we have some information about a product we released last year.


REDCap, by Vanderbuilt, is now available at Flinders University, brought to you by Information Digital Services (IDS).

REDCap is described as: “a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. While REDCap can be used to collect virtually any type of data (including 21 CFR Part 11, FISMA, and HIPAA-compliant environments), it is specifically geared to support online or offline data capture for research studies and operations. The REDCap Consortium, a vast support network of collaborators, is composed of thousands of active institutional partners in over one hundred countries who utilize and support REDCap in various ways“.

General Support

Vanderbuilt have provided a range of support material and training videos:

Individual colleges may provide user support, contact your Dean of Research to enquire about user support for:

Information and Digital Services Technical Support

Digital Research Services within IDS supports the items listed in Services, Access Requests and System or Application Errors.


  • Upgrading REDCap’s version every 3 months
  • Updating REDCap in response to an identified security threat
  • Operating System updates
  • Database updates
  • Database upgrades
  • Ensuring the Application is available for use
  • Access to logon
  • Monitoring of REDCap and Database services

Access Requests

Requesting access to REDCap will require filling out of the following Assyst form.

If you are working on a research project but are not the project owner, please ensure you have some form of authorization (i.e. an email from the Project Owner (Researcher) that can be saved and attached to the Assyst form).

System or Application Errors


System or Application errors can best be described as,

  • The URL is not displaying a page(s)
  • The application is not responding
  • A specific action in REDCap is not responding
  • An error message appears (Please take a screen capture)


  1. I went to https://researchsurvey.flinders.edu.au and I get a blank page
  2. I have a REDCap logon but I cannot login to REDCap
  3. When I attempt to perform a data extract I get the following error message…

What to do when a system error occurs?

  1. Please contact Client Services on 8201 2345 (12345), or log an online support request to raise a new incident
  2. Please provide a screen capture of any generated error messages, if unsure please ask the Client Services representative to guide you through this process
  3. Please provide some detail around what you are trying to achieve. I.e.,
    1. I tried to logon, got redirected to OKTA and then it hung/provided error
    2. I logged into OKTA and launched REDCap and then nothing happened.
    3. I clicked on the export to csv option and this error message came up.
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